Olive oil / new pickles

Sea Otomari Mari Uion

Olive banquet
*Limited to hotel guests, contents change depending on the season

Sea Otomari Mari Uion

We offer extra virgin oil collected from olive farmers on the island, combined with seasonal ingredients and dishes.Fascinated by high quality oil.

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478 Higashiwaki, Horikoshi, Shodoshima-machi, Shodo-gun
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Accommodation limited
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Thoughts on ingredients


As much as possible, we collect local and seasonal produce directly from the producers, and use them in our dishes. We are particular about using local ingredients, and we offer high-quality, rare, and original items that can only be shared through our relationships with producers, with special freshness, to our customers who come all the way. ``Kaion Mari'' is a six-room inn located on the shore of the waves.Each room has a modern Japanese design, with impressive use of Shodoshima wood and stone, and all baths are indoor baths with beautiful views.While watching the ever-changing sea and listening to the sound of the waves, you can simply enjoy a pleasant moment as if you were drifting among the islands in the sea.