Olive chicken

Sanuki Ryori Amiya Sanuki Cuisine Amiya

Oven-roasted local chicken Sanuki Hontaka miso (890 yen)

Sanuki Ryori Amiya Sanuki Cuisine Amiya

A dish made with plenty of ingredients from Kagawa Prefecture. ``Hontaka Miso'' is a richly flavored miso made with ``Kagawa Hontaka'' from Nio and garlic grown at Kanonji Temple. ``Olive Jidori'' is seasoned simply with salt and pepper, and is slowly baked in the oven, making it soft and flavorful.Enjoy with the spicy ``hontaka miso'' to your liking.

store information

1-16-20 Seto-cho, Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture
Opening hours
17:00-23:00, Friday and Saturday 17:00-24:00
Closing days
Open all year round
Number of seats
80 seats
25 stand

Thoughts on ingredients

Sanuki Sanchiku is served in a variety of recipes.

Because it is a restaurant in Kagawa, we are committed to providing local ingredients in the hope that you will be able to taste Sanuki ingredients. We also handle the three Sanuki animals: “Olive Jidori”, “Olive Yume Pork”, and “Olive Beef”. Steak and roast beef using "olive beef", and pork kimchi and shabu-shabu using "olive dream pork" are also available, so be sure to try them.