Olive chicken

China Kitchen Kou China Kitchen Hiroshi -kou-

Lightly stir-fried olive chicken and seasonal vegetables (1,600 yen)

China Kitchen Kou China Kitchen Hiroshi -kou-

Let's enjoy the sweetness of the breast meat together with the seasonal vegetables that add color.It is characterized by the light taste of koji seasoning and chicken soup.


Shop Information

24-14 Akanemachi, Takamatsu
Phone number
11: 00-14: 00, 17: 00-21: 00,
Monday 11:00-14:30
Regular holidays
Number of seats
29 seat
Parking Lot
5 stand

Thoughts on ingredients

Mr. Hashimoto

Savor the taste of the three olives together with seasonal vegetables grown in the prefecture. Mr. Hashimoto said, "I want many people to enjoy Chinese food." They offer a variety of menus at reasonable prices, mainly using local vegetables such as "Tabete-na".