Olive chicken

Chuka Ryori Keika Chinese Cuisine Keika

Olive chicken drool chicken (1,100 yen)
*Single items can be taken home, only available at night

Chuka Ryori Keika Chinese Cuisine Keika

``Drool Chicken'' is made using the thigh and breast meat of a whole olive chicken that has been steamed until plump.The appetizing sweet soy sauce-based sauce brings together the vegetables and olive chicken, making it a delicious and well-balanced meal.Why not try Olive Jidori while enjoying the difference in texture between the thigh and the breast?

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1-3-16 Ritsurincho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
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15 seats
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Thoughts on ingredients

Owner/Mr. Ohno

Providing new Chinese food using ingredients from Kagawa Prefecture ``Originally, Chinese food usually has strong flavors, but I want to bring out the flavors of fresh local ingredients that are quickly distributed, so I'm particular about seasoning,'' says Ohno.All of the Chinese dishes at "Keika", which have evolved to suit the times while valuing the original Chinese elements, are exquisite!Please take your time to enjoy the local ingredients.