Olive chicken

Kushiya Kisakaba Wakahachiya Kushiyaki bar Wakahachiya

Skewered olive chicken (2 pieces, 500 yen)
* Open only at night

Kushiya Kisakaba Wakahachiya Kushiyaki bar Wakahachiya

This izakaya where you can enjoy a skewered menu centered on local ingredients.By grilling "olive chicken" procured from a reliable butcher shop over a charcoal fire, the taste is tightly confined and the texture is outstanding.It is recommended to simply taste the yakitori with salt so that you can feel the original taste and sweetness of the local chicken.

* Only yakitori can be taken out.

Shop Information

6-12 Nishinomaru-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
Phone number
Saturday 17: 00-24: 00 (LO23: 00)
Regular holidays
Number of seats
60 seat
Parking Lot

Thoughts on ingredients

Mr. Nakajo

The taste of beef, pork, and chicken is carefully selected. In order to bring out the charm of olive pork and olive chicken, Mr. Nakajo is particular about seasonings such as soy sauce sansho for "olive beef" and salt for "olive chicken".Enjoy the local chicken procured from a trusted business partner on a skewer grilled over a fragrant charcoal fire.