Olive chicken

Sumibiyaki & Kunsei Dining Jikou Charcoal-grilled & Smoked Dining Tokika

Three types of olive course (8,000 yen)
*Limited to Fridays and Saturdays, reservations required at least 2 days in advance, orders can be made from 2 people

Sumibiyaki & Kunsei Dining Jikou Charcoal-grilled & Smoked Dining Tokika

“Tokika”, which has been loved by locals for many years, will be renewed in August 2022!We offer a new taste of Kagawa using ``olive livestock products'', ``Sanuki vegetables'', and ``local fish'' that are familiar to us because we are a local head chef.Tokika's recommended ``Olive 8 Types Course'' is a luxurious dinner course that uses Olive beef, Olive pork, Olive chicken, and Kagawa brand livestock products.The main dishes are charcoal-grilled olive beef and olive chicken, which are grilled using far infrared rays to slowly remove the fat, so the fat is less sticky and you can enjoy the contrast between the crispy texture and the soft meat.There are 3 dishes in total, including olive pork for the amuse and smoked Setouchi fresh fish for the appetizer.Savor delicious delicacies that you won't find anywhere else.

store information

Rihga Hotel Zest Takamatsu 9F, 1-2 Furushinmachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
Opening hours
Closing days
Sunday / Monday
Number of seats
60 seats
Reservation required

Thoughts on ingredients

Charcoal-grilled & Smoked Dining Tokika Head Chef/Hiroyuki Manabe

Charcoal-grilled and smoked Kagawa ingredients create new flavors ``I want to deliver new dishes using charcoal-grilled and smoked cooking methods so that you can enjoy carefully selected seasonal local ingredients even more deliciously,'' says Manabe.Enjoy the aroma and taste that you can't find anywhere else.