Olive chicken

Bistro Angers Bistro Angers

Olive chicken consommé
*Course items and contents vary depending on the season.

Bistro Angers Bistro Angers

Soup served as one of the course items.In the summer, the soup is also used in dishes using corn bavarois, and in the fall, matsutake mushrooms from Shinshu.The food makes you feel the season.

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26-1 Honmachi, Marugame City
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Number of seats
22 seats
12 stand

Thoughts on ingredients

Chef/Mr. Onishi

While incorporating ingredients from the prefecture, we convey the heart of France. A restaurant where you can enjoy classic French cuisine using ingredients carefully selected by the chef himself and procured from all over the country, mainly from France and Okinawa.There are many fans of delicate dishes that express the changing seasons while making the best use of the ingredients.The wagon service of small sweets after meals is also popular.