"Kagawa's 4-star olive restaurant" has started in the 3rd year of Reiwa!


"Kagawa Food" aims to promote Kagawa's products by developing and widely publicizing events based on the excellent food and ingredients of Kagawa Prefecture, as well as many restaurants that offer special dishes using Kagawa's ingredients. Happy project.As part of this, in collaboration with the Kagawa Prefectural Product Promotion Organization, the restaurant fair "Kagawa's 3-Star Olive Restaurant" will be held on August 5th, where the appeal of Kagawa's olive ingredients will be widely known through "cooking". (Friday) start.Please take this opportunity to enjoy the original dishes using olive ingredients from 104 Japanese, Western, and Chinese restaurants in the prefecture.


* There is a scene where the mask is temporarily removed for shooting.

*In the case of takeout, the price may differ depending on the store.

*Depending on the situation, the contents of the offer may differ depending on the change of closing / business hours, purchase and season.For more information, please contact us to shop.