The promotion video for 5 has been released!


In addition to the 3 restaurants that cooperated in the filming last year, we also had the cooperation of 3 Japanese, Western, and Chinese restaurants this year to create a video of "Kagawa's 3-star olive restaurant." Please enjoy delicious dishes using olive ingredients such as "olive oil", "olive beef", "olive dream pork/pork", "olive chicken" and "olive yellowtail".


(Shooting cooperation)

Reiwa 3nd year


Chinese Cuisine Pekin Honkan

Japanese cuisine Seto


Reiwa 4nd year

Seto flowers

Authentic charcoal-grilled chicken Toricho


Reiwa 5nd year

Seafood, sushi, local sake Hokuroya

Cafe Creare

China Kitchen Hiroshi -kou-

knocking kitchen

Bistro Bon

mio paese