Delicious recipe collection


  • New burdock 2
  • Onions 1/2
  • Paprika (red / yellow) a little
  • Red peppers Appropriate amount
  • vinegar 100 ml
  • potato starch Appropriate amount
  • Chemical seasoning Appropriate amount
  • sugar 1 tablespoons
  • salt a little
  • Fried oil Appropriate amount


  1. Peel off the skin of the burdock, cut it to about 5 cm, cut it vertically, and remove the burdock.

  2. Slice onion and paprika, and slice the pepper except for seeds.

  3. Drain the dried burdock.

  4. Mix vinegar, sugar, salt and chemical seasonings.

  5. Put it in a plastic bag and sprinkle thinly on burdock.

  6. Fry the burdock.

  7. Put the fried food on kitchen paper, drain the oil, and soak in the combined vinegar.

  8. Pickle onion, pepper and paprika.

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