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Peach cheesecake


  • Raw peach compote 2 (1 for decoration)
  • Cream cheese 200g
  • Fresh cream 100g
  • Granulated sugar 50g
  • egg 2 individual
  • Compote liquid 30g
  • Flour 25g
  • バ タ ー 20g


  1. Finely chop one peach. Another one is combed (for decoration).

  2. Put cream cheese in a bowl and knead until soft.

  3. Add the granulated sugar and compote liquid to ② and mix.

  4. Add the eggs little by little and mix well.

  5. Add the flour that has been sifted.

  6. Add the whipped cream, melted butter and mix.

  7. Put the peaches chopped with puni and pour them into the mold.

  8. Put peaches for decoration and oven at 180 ℃ for 35 minutes (check with bamboo skewer).

  9. Cool in the refrigerator.

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