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Sanuki's dream meteorite! ! Udon hamburger!


  • Lemon 30g
  • Mince 150g
  • Sanuki Udon 70g
  • Carrots 20g
  • Onions 20g
  • Macrophyll 2
  • egg 15g
  • Salt and pepper a little
  • Bread crumbs Appropriate amount
  • Olive oil 3g

soup stock

  • Iriko Appropriate amount
  • Bonito Appropriate amount
  • salt Appropriate amount
  • Thin soy sauce Appropriate amount


  1. Mince carrots and onions.

  2. Boil the udon, drain the water, and cut it to about 0.5 cm.

  3. Cut the large leaves vertically and the lemon.

  4. In a bowl, add mince, carrot, onion, udon, egg, salt and pepper, and crumbs.

  5. Bake on one side with high heat, pour water on the other side, cover and steam until cooked. Serve.

  6. Take the cotton.

  7. Put the water in the water, cook and remove the water before boiling.

  8. Turn off the heat and put the bonito.

  9. Then, adjust the taste with salt and thin soy sauce.

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