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Grilled mackerel stick sushi


  • Sawara fence 300g
  • Macrophyll 5
  • Earth ginger 1 piece
  • Sushi rice 2 go
  • Vinegar ginger Appropriate amount


  1. Sawara's fence is salted with strong salt for about 2 hours, washed with water and soaked in split vinegar.

  2. Bake the skin of the pickled sowara for about 20 minutes, squeeze it into kelp and let it rest overnight.

  3. Thinly strip the strip, cut the large leaves into the sushi rice, and roll it up into a bar sushi shape.

  4. Wrap in wrap and weigh lightly and let it blend in for about 2 hours.

  5. Cut into bite-sized pieces.
    * Sawara strips can be made with strong salt so that they do not have to be vinegared like a commercial saba.

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