Delicious recipe collection


  • Sanuki Denbuku Half body with small puffer fish
  • Soy sauce beans Appropriate amount
  • egg 1 individual
  • Asparagus Appropriate amount
  • Carrots Appropriate amount
  • White rice 2 go
  • vinegar 3 tablespoons
  • sugar 2 tablespoons
  • salt 1 tsp
  • Ginger a little
  • wasabi Appropriate amount
  • Denbu (pink color) Appropriate amount


  1. Cook the rice and lightly light the vinegar, sugar, salt and ginger so as not to boil.

  2. While rice is hot, sprinkle with vinegar and mix with rice scoop while scooping with a fan.

  3. Quickly boil the Denbuk's body, cool in iced water, and then soak in vinegar for 10 minutes.

  4. Boil asparagus with salted water and make thinly baked eggs.

  5. Mince the carrots and cook a little sweeter.

  6. Put the vinegared rice in the mold half and put the carrots, then put the vinegared rice on top, and put the noodles, soy sauce beans, asparagus, thinly baked eggs, wasabi and pink starch on the mold and cut out.

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