Delicious recipe collection


  • Hiketa Buri 2 pieces
  • Asparagus (sanukino awakening) 1 本
  • Mini Tomato 2 individual
  • Table roll 2 individual
  • cabbage 1
  • Cucumber 1 本
  • Broccoli sprout 1/2 pack
  • egg 1 individual
  • Wheat flour Appropriate amount
  • Bread crumbs Appropriate amount
  • Egg for clothes Appropriate amount
  • Salad oil Appropriate amount
  • mayonnaise 50g
  • vinegar a little
  • Salt and pepper a little


  1. Make boiled eggs, combine mayonnaise and vinegar to make tartar sauce.

  2. Salt the yellowtail and place it a little, wash it with water and add flour, eggs and breadcrumbs.

  3. Fry in 180 ° C oil.

  4. Shred cabbage, slice cucumbers, and cut tomatoes in half.

  5. Asparagus is hot.

  6. Make a notch in the table roll and sandwich in the order of cabbage, yellowtail cutlet, tartar sauce, cucumber, sprout, mini tomato.

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