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Olive hamachi with salad rice


  • Olive hamachi (for sashimi) 10 pieces
  • sweet sake 50 ml
  • Soy sauce 50 ml
  • roasted sesame 1 tablespoons
  • rice 300g
  • Myuga 2 individual
  • Salted plum 2 individual
  • lettuce 1/4 ball
  • Blue shiso 5
  • wasabi as you like


  1. Mix the mirin, soy sauce and sesame seeds and leave the olive hamachi for 30 to 60 minutes.

  2. Cool the rice, crush the coarsely cut ginger and the seeded umeboshi and mix.

  3. Cut the lettuce into shreds. Aoshisoshi is shredded, exposed to water and squeezed with kitchen paper.

  4. Put ② in a bowl, put lettuce, put ①, and decorate with blue shiso. Add wasabi if you like.

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