Delicious recipe collection


  • Straw
  • lettuce
  • Maban
  • Tororo kelp
  • Macrophyll
  • Soy sauce beans
  • One inch bean
  • Ginger
  • Sesame / Rice
  • Salt, vinegar, gully

Sushi vinegar

  • vinegar
  • Wasanbon
  • salt


  1. Peel the soy beans, cook in the sink and cut in half.

  2. After boiling the salt beans, peel the skin and cut in half.

  3. Grated mackerel into XNUMX pieces, salted it tightly, put it for XNUMX hours, wash it off with water, soak it in vinegar for XNUMX hour and keep it open.

  4. Combine sushi rice, minced ginger and sesame.

  5. Spread large leaves and mackerel on the roll.

  6. Put sushi rice.

  7. Roll the kelp.

  8. Roll the kelp.

  9. Cut the lettuce and manba in half and soak in 3% salt water.

  10. Roll lettuce and manba.

  11. Roll lettuce and manba.

  12. After slicing, serve in a bowl and add gully.

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