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Stir-fried Sanuki Manba and Sanuki Cochin


  • Sanuki Cochin breast 70g
  • Sanuki manba (stem) 2 cups
  • garlic a little
  • Ginger a little
  • shallot a little
  • salt Small 1/4
  • sugar a little
  • Old sake Large 1
  • pepper a little
  • Soup Large 1
  • Sesame oil a little


  1. Manba is only the stem part.

  2. Cut into flower pieces.

  3. Sanuki Cochin is cut into 3 mm thickness.

  4. Season the meat of Sanuki Cochin with egg white, salt and pepper.

  5. Add the meat and mix well.

  6. Add starch.

  7. Add a little oil and mix.

  8. Mamba leaves are cold and fried.

  9. Drain the oil and salt.

  10. Oil the cochin and mamba flower pieces.

  11. Stir-fry the spices in a pan and give out the aroma.

  12. Put the cochin and mamba flower pieces in a pan and fry together. Add the seasoning and add the sesame oil when thickened.

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