Delicious recipe collection


  • Mandarin orange 2 to 4
  • Wed Appropriate amount
  • sugar Suitable amount (same amount as water)
  • egg 1 individual
  • Syrup containing rare sugar 30g
  • milk 50 ml
  • baguette 4 pieces
  • バ タ ー 6g
  • Powdered sugar Appropriate amount
  • mint Appropriate amount


  1. One mandarin peel is cut into small pieces, boiled in water, and then boiled. Add water and sugar (1: 2) and cook to avoid burning. In fact, peel the skin and boil it in water and sugar (1: 1).

  2. The remaining oranges squeeze the juice. (50-70g)

  3. In a mixture of egg and syrup containing rare sugar, add warm milk (60-70 ° C) and ② and mix to make a French toast liquid. Soak the baguette in this solution.

  4. Put the butter in a heated frying pan and bake the baguette at ③ over medium heat.

  5. Serve the baguette on a flat plate and sift the powdered sugar.

  6. Add ① and decorate with mint if you like.

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