Delicious recipe collection


  • Tea leaves 4 to 6g
  • Soho mandarin orange 2 individual
  • Cream cheese 150g
  • egg yolk 1 individual
  • Syrup containing rare sugar 40g
  • Sponge (diameter 5cm, height 1cm) 6 pieces
  • Wed 150 ml
  • mint 2


  1. Peel the tangerines, remove the inner white cotton, and chop the skin. One squeezes the juice. One takes out the fruit.

  2. Put one peel and the fruit extracted in ① in a pan and boil down.

  3. Mix the egg yolk, the syrup containing rare sugar, the orange juice squeezed with 残 っ, and the remaining one rind in a bowl.

  4. Add ③ to the cream cheese and mix until smooth.

  5. Make tea liquor.

  6. Wet the sponge with black tea and put it in a container in three layers in the order of sponge → ② → ④.

  7. Finally, put ② and mint, cool in the refrigerator and complete.

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