Delicious recipe collection


  • ヲ 繝 ヲ ヲ ヲ ヲ ヲ ヲ ヲ ヲ 120g
  • Rice (Sanuki rice) 220g
  • Shimeji 40g
  • Lettuce (Kagawa specialty "Lairure lettuce" etc.) 60g
  • Green onions (sanuki green onions) 2
  • egg 2 individual
  • Red ginger 10g

Soy sauce

  • Dark soy sauce (Kagawa specialty) 60g
  • sweet sake 90g
  • sugar 40g


  1. Wholesale the hamachi into three pieces, cut it off thickly, and fry it with kataguri.

  2. The shimeji is taken with a stone, rose, and teriyaki in a frying pan with ① hamachi.

  3. Slice the lettuce thickly and cut the green onions into small pieces.

  4. Eggs make soft hot spring eggs.

  5. Place ③ on the rice, top with ②, and add hot spring eggs, green onions, and red ginger.

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