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  • Sanuki Cochin Mince 150g
  • onion 1/2
  • Ginger 10g
  • garlic 1/2 money
  • Tomato (medium) 1 individual
  • Curry powder 1 tablespoons
  • tomato ketchup 10g
  • Chicken bouillon 75 tsp
  • Salt, pepper, sugar, salad oil Appropriate amount
  • Sanuki rice 200g
  • Stewed stew 1.5 animals
  • Flour 50g
  • potato starch 7.5g
  • Baking powder 3g
  • Ajinomoto 1.5g
  • Rarirure lettuce 1/8
  • broccoli 7.5 individual
  • honey 1/2 teaspoon
  • Mitoyo orange (juice) 20 tsp
  • Olive oil Appropriate amount


  1. Put the salad oil in a pot, heat, stir fry chopped garlic, ginger and onion, add tomatoes and fry further.

  2. Stir in a pan with salt and pepper and season with Sanuki Cochin Mince.

  3. Add curry powder, soy sauce, tomato ketchup, and sugar to (XNUMX) and season to taste.

  4. Boiled Idako Dashi 6: Soy Sauce 1: Mirin 1: Ginger, Sugar in a proper amount. Combine the ingredients of the fritter powder and mix with the same amount of water to be used.

  5. Combine dice-shaped tomatoes with honey, Mitoyo orange juice and olive oil to make salsa sauce.

  6. Put the sliced ​​lettuce, boiled broccoli, cochin dried curry, and Iidako fritters on rice in a plate, and add salsa sauce.

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