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Sanuki Three Kinds of Fried True Length (Fried Udon, Curry Udon, Ume Shisoudon)


  • Surimi 300g
  • Yam (grated) 30g
  • liqueur 20 tsp
  • Wed 50 tsp
  • Curry udon Appropriate amount
  • stir-fried udon Appropriate amount
  • Crispy plum 30g
  • Macrophyll 2
  • Oden miso 50g


  1. Combine 300g of surimi and 30g of yam and add sake and water (70cc) little by little to the surimi and soften.

  2. Make curry udon, grilled udon and cool.

  3. Crisp plums are cut to a suitable size, two large leaves are shredded, exposed to water, and squeezed.

  4. Divide the mixed length into 60 pieces of 6g each, mix each 2 pieces into 3 kinds of ingredients, shape it into an oval shape, fry it with oil, and when it becomes golden brown, raise it from the oil and take a bite Serve on a cutter.

  5. It has a good taste, but you can add some oden miso if you like.

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