Delicious recipe collection


  • conger 1
  • Skewered Asparagus 1
  • Petit tomatoes 2 individual
  • Mitoyo eggplant 1/8
  • Green onion 1
  • Soy sauce beans 5 tablets
  • Soy sauce a little
  • sweet sake a little
  • soup stock a little
  • liqueur a little
  • Sanuki's algae salt a little
  • Ginger a little
  • sugar a little
  • Powdered gelatin a little
  • potato starch a little
  • Tempura powder a little


  1. Judge the conger. Tap the middle bone for the bone cracker.

  2. Slice and bake half of the conger eel, cook with dashi 7: sake 1: mirin 1: sugar 1. And cut small. Raise the meat and boil the sake.

  3. Asparagus is boiled down, and petit tomatoes are steamed and cut into small pieces. (Add to Happochi and season.)

  4. Strain the broth cooked with conger eel, mix the broth, melt the boiled gelatin, cool, put the conger eel, asparagus and tomato when it is about to clump, pour it into the selcuru and harden.

  5. The green onion leaves the bamboo grass and exposes it to running water.

  6. Add the conger bone to the potato starch and fry in oil until fried.

  7. Mix soy beans and water in a mixer and grind until a few grains remain. Then mix the tempura powder.

  8. Cut the Mitoyo eggplant to about 5mm and sandwich the remaining conger into Tempura.

  9. Sprinkle with Sanuki's algae salt.

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