Delicious recipe collection


  • Curry hot pot soup <rich body of bonito dashi hot pot style> 400ml One bag (400ml) (425g)
  • Hamachi 3 pieces (300g)
  • Sanuki dream pig 300g
  • Shrimp surimi (for 8 dumplings) 200g
  • cabbage 1/2 (400g)
  • Green onion 1 bundle (150g)
  • Kintoki Ninjin Carrot 1/2 bottle (100g)
  • Enoki mushroom 1 pack (100g)
  • Mushroom 1 pack (100g)
  • Wed 2


  1. Cut pork into easy-to-eat sizes. Hamamachi cuts pieces into 2-3 pieces. Cut cabbage into pieces that are easy to eat. Cut green onions into 4-5cm lengths. Carrots should be made small, bite-sized and boiled. For Enoki only, take the buns and divide them into small cells.

  2. Pour the curry hot pot soup "Yoro-nabe-style" and 400ml (2 cups) of water into a pan and heat.

  3. When boiling, add ingredients and cover. Once boiling, reduce heat. Cook over medium heat for 5-10 minutes until the ingredients are cooked.

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