Delicious recipe collection


  • Furance kitchen bouillabaisse 1/2 box (36g)
  • Shrimp 4 tails (60g)
  • Hamachi 1 slice (100g)
  • Clam (with shell) 150g
  • Green onions 1/2 (35g)
  • Carrots Medium 1/8 bottle (25g)
  • Pods 25g
  • Salad oil 1/2 tbsp
  • Wed 1 / 1 chip


  1. Shrimp peel and shell back. Hamachi cuts a slice into four. Cut carrots and cut green onions into 1cm widths.

  2. Heat the salad oil in a thick pan and lightly fry the carrots and green onions. Add water, stop boiling once it has boiled, add 2 bags of paste and melt.

  3. Re-heat, cook over low heat to medium heat for 5 minutes while adding swordfish.

  4. Add shrimp and clams, stew until cooked, boil and cut into three.

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