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Sanuki octopus hand-rolled sushi


  • Neri plum Appropriate amount
  • Boiled octopus 80g
  • Sweet rape Appropriate amount
  • Rice 1 cups
  • Wed 1 and 1/8 cup
  • Sushi vinegar 4 tablespoons


  1. Mix sushi vinegar with freshly cooked rice to make <sushi rice> and cool it.

  2. Prepare the ingredients.
    <A> Uncooked octopus, except for seeds, is beaten with a kitchen knife and dried with plums and sake. ※ In the case of umeboshi with strong salt, increase the amount of sake!
    <B> Slice the boiled octopus thinly and cut the roots.

  3. Put the sushi rice and your favorite ingredients on the glue and wrap it in 4 pieces, then add wasabi joyu.

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