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Soft Chicken Cochin Shaoxing Sake Flavor, Homemade Amazake Sauce


  • Sanuki Cochin Thigh 60g
  • Local root vegetables 30g
  • lettuce 10g
  • White onion 15g
  • Fruit Appropriate amount


  1. Put skewers on a cloth so that the skin is covered with Sanuki Cochin.

  2. ① Marbling, Shaoxing sake 1: Soup 1 (spices are green onion, ginger, pepper), taste with salt and steam for 90 minutes. Steam the locally grown root vegetables separately.

  3. When the Sanuki Cochin softens, drain and sprinkle with flour and fry in hot oil until the surface is crisp.

  4. Fry white leek and amazake with green onion oil based on the soup steamed with Sanuki Cochin, season with salt and beat lightly with starch.

  5. Lettuce shredded lettuce and serve.

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