Delicious recipe collection


  • Olive beef (fin) 100g
  • Edamame 10 grains
  • Ball miso 50g
  • salt a little
  • Black pepper a little

Ingredients for egg miso (easy to make)

  • White miso (sweet) 100g
  • egg yolk 1/5 pcs
  • sugar 15g
  • liqueur 25 tsp


  1. The green soybeans are boiled and salted, put in a mortar and rubbed.

  2. Add the ball miso to ① and mix.

  3. Cut olive beef to 2cm thickness, sprinkle with salt and black pepper and bake on a warm grill (strong). When it's baked, cut it into 1 bite size and paint XNUMX and grill it again. It is complete when the roasted color is added to the Dengaku miso.

  4. ~ How to make Tamaki-Miso ~
    Mix egg yolk, sugar, and sake with white miso and pour in a water bath.

  5. ~ How to bake meat deliciously ~
    When cutting the roasted meat, leave it for 10 to XNUMX minutes after the roasted meat, so that the gravy will not escape and the meat will be juicy.

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