Delicious recipe collection


  • shrimp 2 animals
  • Scallops 2 individual
  • Lettuce (central part) 1/2 sheet
  • Karasumi (or anchovy fillet) Small amount
  • EX virgin oil Appropriate amount

Lettuce sauce

  • Lettuce (outside) 2
  • Boiled soup 25 tsp
  • EX virgin oil 15 tsp
  • Boiled potato slices (1cm) 1/2 sheet
  • Parmesan cheese a little
  • salt a little

Parsley oil

  • parsley 5g
  • EX virgin oil 25 tsp
  • Pure olive oil 25 tsp


  1. Make lettuce sauce. Put the lettuce in boiling water and boil for about 1 minute. Transfer to ice water and squeeze water.
    Cut into small pieces and put into a mixer.
    * Use dark outer leaves to make the lettuce sauce a beautiful color.

  2. Put the remaining ingredients and parsley oil in the same mixer and turn until smooth.

  3. Boil shrimp and scallop for about 5 minutes. (Leave the scallop a bit)

  4. Slice the lettuce and immerse it in a little ice water to make it crispy.

  5. Spread lettuce sauce in the center of the dish, serve shrimp and scallop, chop lettuce on top of it, sprinkle crows from the top, finish with olive oil.

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