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Persimmon jelly

  • persimmon 1/2
  • Wed 110 tsp
  • Red wine 40 tsp
  • Granulated sugar 40g
  • gelatin 3g
  • Amaretto (almond essence) Small amount

Yogurt gelato

  • Yogurt (plain) 250g
  • Fresh cream 125g
  • Granulated sugar 75g


  1. Keep the gelatin in cold water.
    Put water, red wine and granulated sugar in a pot and put it on fire. (It is not necessary to boil at this point)

  2. Put the persimmon cut into 8 pieces, take the skin and seeds, put in a pan, bring to a medium heat when boiling, and boil until soft.
    Add gelatin and amaretto.

  3. When the persimmons are soft enough to pass through the bamboo skewer, transfer to a vat and cool.
    Cool in the refrigerator, and when it hardens, crush it roughly with a fork.

  4. Slightly crush the persimmon with a spoon and serve in a bowl, then pour yogurt gelato on top.

  5. Mix the granulated sugar and yogurt, mix with the cream and go to the gelato machine. (If not, freeze in freezer and stir with fork)

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