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For 2-3 people

  • Olive dream pork (sliced ​​shoulder loin) 80g
  • Oboro Tofu (Silk Tofu) 200g
  • Chinese cabbage kimchi 100g
  • Shimeji 1/2 bag
  • Leek 4
  • Iriko Ibuki (dashi soup) * 500 tsp
  • egg 1 individual

Seasoning A

  • Garlic (grated) 1/2 teaspoon
  • miso 2 tsp

* Ibuki Iriko (dashi soup)

  • For 500cc of water, use 15g of Ibuki sardines with the head and internal organs removed. Soak for 30 minutes, heat and bring to a boil, then remove Ibuki sardines.


  1. Cut olive dream pork and Chinese cabbage kimchi into pieces that are easy to eat.Remove the shimeji mushrooms and loosen them by hand, and chop the garlic chives.

  2. Put the soup stock in a pan and heat it. When it boils, add olive dream pork, baechu-kimchi, and shimeji mushrooms and simmer.

  3. After boiling, remove the lye, add garlic chives, and scoop up the rag tofu with a spoon. Melt (seasoning A) and boil for a while, then drop the eggs.

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Recipe supervision: Kagawa Prefecture × National Research and Development Corporation RIKEN

This recipe is a recipe published in the health recipe book "Kagawa no Genki Rice" that utilizes agricultural and marine products produced in Kagawa Prefecture and RIKEN.

Kagawa Prefecture x RIKEN "Kagawa's Genki Rice" -Enjoy a lively and healthy life with ingredients from Kagawa Prefecture- (Kagawa Prefecture page)