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30 piece

  • Maban 2

Material A

  • Minced pork 100g
  • Sesame Oil 1 tablespoons
  • soy sauce 2 tsp
  • liqueur 2 tsp
  • Grated ginger 1 tsp
  • Grated garlic 1 tsp
  • salt a little


  • dumpling skin 30
  • potato starch A pinch
  • Wed 100 tsp
  • oil Appropriate amount


  1. Finely chop the manba and sprinkle with salt (not included in the amount) to drain excess water.

  2. Put the manba from step 1 and material A in a bowl and mix well to make seeds.

  3. Place the seeds divided into 30 equal parts on the gyoza skin, moisten the edges of the skin with water, and wrap it.

  4. Put the oil in a frying pan and line up the dumplings.

  5. Add water to step 4, cover and steam over medium heat. When the water runs out, pour in water-soluble potato starch and bake until crispy.

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How to save Manba

Manba can be boiled slightly, drained well, divided into easy-to-use amounts, wrapped in a wrap, and frozen.

For long-term storage, salt it for about a week, put it in a sealed container, and store it in the refrigerator (freezer).It can also be used for pickles, and if salt is removed, it can also be used for simmered dishes and stir-fried dishes, which is very convenient.

Source: Kagawa's local vegetable recipe book vol.1-1 (Published by: Kagawa Agricultural Products Distribution and Consumption Promotion Council | Published October 2016.10)

Recipe creators: Toshiki Nakamura, Akiko Kawamura