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For 200 4ml containers

  • Sanuki Kiwikko(Kiwi Fruits) 10 individual
  • milk 200 ml
  • Yogurt (unsweetened) 200g
  • lemon juice 15g
  • sugar 20g
  • Gelatin powder 3g
  • Wed 30 ml
  • mint as you like


  1. Put yogurt in a colander with a paper towel and drain it for XNUMX hours to overnight.

  2. Cut the Sanuki kiwifruit in half and hollow it out with a spoon.

  3. Put gelatin powder and 30 ml of water in a heat-resistant bowl and microwave (500 W for 30 seconds) to dissolve.

  4. Warm the milk at 500W for 20 seconds, add sugar and mix.

  5. Add gelatin and lemon juice from step 4 and drained yogurt from step 3 to the milk from step 1 and mix well.

  6. Put two hollowed out Sanuki kiwifruits in one container (the remaining 1/2 are for decoration), pour in step 1, drop the container and remove the air.

  7. Cool and harden in the refrigerator and decorate with the remaining kiwi and mint just before eating.

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"Sanuki Kiwikko" with outstanding sweetness.The activity of "proteolytic enzyme", which is a factor of kiwi's tingling sensation, is extremely low, so it is easy for children to eat.It can be used for gelatin, which is usually hard to harden due to the action of enzymes.It is a sweet that uses yogurt and milk and is easy to take in at home.
You can add biscuits to your taste as you like.

This "Sanuki Kiwikko Rare Cheese Style" is a recipe devised by "IKUNAS f" that sends out information about the food culture and local cuisine of Kagawa Prefecture and Shikoku of tao.

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