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  • Wed 30g
  • Powdered gelatin 6g
  • Ingredients unadjusted soymilk 300cc
  • beet sugar or cane sugar 1-2 tablespoons


  • Wed 150g
  • beet sugar or cane sugar 50g

Toppings (please feel free to put them on)

  • Daishimochi Boiled Barley
  • tapioca
  • coarse bean paste
  • Kanoko beans
  • Canned fruit such as mango
  • Wolfberry
  • boiled peanuts


  1. Sprinkle the gelatin into the water and let it soak for 10 minutes or more.

  2. Put the soy milk and beet sugar or cane sugar in a pot, heat it up, mix it slowly and heat it up to 50-60℃, turn off the heat and add ① to dissolve.

  3. Cool ② with ice water, transfer to a container, and chill in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 hours to harden.

  4. make syrup
    Add the beet sugar or cane sugar to the water, put it in a pot, heat it up and dissolve it.
    Once melted, let it cool completely

  5. Place ③ in a bowl and add toppings (such as boiled barley) and drizzle with syrup.

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This recipe was devised by Mandegan Co., Ltd., a regional trading company that manufactures and sells products using Sanuki Mochi Mugi Daishimochi.

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