Izakaya Jijikan Onjiten IZAKAYA Sometimes Kannonji store

Pot-fried dried sardine ajillo (660 yen)

Izakaya Jijikan Onjiten IZAKAYA Sometimes Kannonji store

The main dish is Ibuki Island sardine fried in a pot.Add sardine soup stock and soy sauce to olive oil to create a Japanese-style ajillo with a Kannonji-like feel.The key point is that the sardines become soft in the olive oil, making them easy to eat.Dip the oil that is soaked in the flavor of the soup stock into the baguette that comes with the set.It goes well with wine, so please try it.

store information

1-8-39, Showa-cho, Kanonji, Kagawa Prefecture
Opening hours
17: 00-2: 00 the next day (1:00 the next day of LO)
Closing days
Open daily * Closed during the year-end and New Year holidays
Number of seats
60 seats

Thoughts on ingredients

(Clockwise from the upper left of the photo) Representative / Mr. Ando, ​​Manager / Mr. Toyoda, Staff / Mr. Tanaka, Staff / Mr. Iida

We offer fish from Kagawa Prefecture, mainly fish landed at Kannonji Temple! We offer a wide variety of dishes using fish from Kagawa Prefecture, including fish landed at Kanonji Port.It is very popular among locals and tourists alike, as you can enjoy all kinds of dishes such as hamachi, Sanuki denbuku, and sardines, as well as sashimi, tempura, and fried chicken.You're sure to find your favorite with our extensive menu.