Sushi Moriyama Sushi Moriyama

Conger eel sushi (550 yen)

Sushi Moriyama Sushi Moriyama

At "Sushi Moriyama", you can enjoy sushi that is carefully made by the head chef over the elegant zelkova counter.The conger eel nigiri, which is a popular item that can be enjoyed all year round, is grilled right before it is served, resulting in a crispy outer skin and fluffy inside, and a rich aroma even before you eat it.It also has a strong scent.Season with your choice of sauce or salt.

store information

7-1 Imashinmachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
Opening hours
17: 00-LO22: 00
Closing days
Sunday (open if Monday is a holiday)
Number of seats
30 seats

Thoughts on ingredients

General/Mr. Moriyama

Enjoy a wide range of carefully selected seafood from Setouchi, from nigiri sushi to single dishes. Mr. Moriyama, the owner of the restaurant, offers dishes that are particular about natural products.Compared to other local fish that change in season, this time we offer "conger eel nigiri" because we want you to enjoy it all year round.You can enjoy not only sushi with local Setouchi fish, but also a la carte items such as turban shell grilled in a pot and migratory crab.Local sake is also available, so please spend your time to your heart's content in this elegant shop.