Nekoumi Restaurant Nekoumi Restaurant

Sanuki Denbuku fried chicken (540 yen)

Nekoumi Restaurant Nekoumi Restaurant

A popular dish that is perfect as a snack or side dish.Deep-fried chicken with plump meat and light taste that will make you addicted to it.It separates easily, is very easy to eat, and has an excellent texture! ``Sanuki Denbuku'' is a high-class fish along with ``Tora Puffer Fish,'' but its fishing area is strictly restricted, making it a rare blowfish that is difficult to eat and is called the ``phantom hidden blowfish.''Enjoy the elegant taste, sweetness, and umami.

store information

1402-23 Tsuda, Tsuda-cho, Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture
Opening hours
10:00 ~ 16:00
Closing days
Number of seats
3 seats, terrace 24 seats
Social Media
0879-42-3037 (Monday to Friday)
0879-49-2681 (Saturday and Sunday only)

Thoughts on ingredients

A place where you can fill your stomach and soul while looking out at the calm sea of ​​Setouchi

``Nekoumi Restaurant'' is a delicious fish prepared food restaurant.Popular items include fish caught at the local Tsuda Port, grilled squid, and octopus rice.It is also the base of activities for the ``Uo Life Recommendation Team,'' which promotes fish eating and protects the marine environment, and holds various events where fish lovers gather, such as ``Fish Handling Experience'' and ``Seafood BBQ.'' In session!