Portivia Passo portivia passo

Grilled yellowtail and lotus root pizza (1,400 yen)
*Limited to evening hours, available from September to December

Portivia Passo portivia passo

A Japanese-style pizza filled with the charm of the Tosan area, such as the dried yellowtail that Higashikagawa is proud of, soybean koji from Kamebishi Soy Sauce, and lotus root from Konchan Farm.The rich flavor of soybean malt brings out the delicate flavor of fatty amberjack, and the texture of lotus root is added to create a unique taste.


680-19 Sanbonmatsu, Higashikagawa City
Phone Number
Business hours
11: 30-13: 30, 17: 30-22: 00,
Thursdays and Fridays 17:30-22:00
Regular holidays
Number of seats
30 seat
Parking Lot
Use of municipal parking lot (free for 4 hours)

Thoughts on ingredients

We propose Italian cuisine using plenty of ingredients from the Tosan area.

A popular Italian restaurant that conveys the charm of the Tosan area by using plenty of local ingredients.The thoughtful dishes made with safe, secure and fresh ingredients are sure to invigorate your mind and body.Takeout is also available, so feel free to inquire.