Let's eat Sanuki's local fish
Campaign application form

Let's eat Sanuki's local fish

Order the corresponding menu at participating stores of the “Iki Local Fish Delicious Food Fair”, take a photo, and eat deliciously!
10 people will be randomly selected to win a set of prefectural products.

How to Apply
Please order the campaign menu at a participating store of the "Iki Na Taishi Fish Fair", attach a photo of the dish to the application form below, fill out the necessary information such as your impressions, and apply.
Application period
[1th]Friday, September 2023, 9 - Tuesday, November 15, 2023
[2th]March 2023, 11 (Wed) - April 15, 2024 (Mon)
・Please be sure to send the application photo taken by the applicant himself/herself.
(Photos posted on store websites, pamphlets, and other people's blogs are not eligible.)
・The announcement of the winner will be replaced by the shipping of the prize.
(1st session: Scheduled for early December 2023 (12 people), 5nd session: Scheduled for late January 2 (2024 people))
・The personal information you enter will be used only for gift shipping purposes.

Campaign application form

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