Kappo Matsumoto Kappo Matsumoto

Hamochiri (700 yen) *until the end of August

Kappo Matsumoto Kappo Matsumoto

A beautiful piece like a flower.After ordering, the live conger eel is tightened and cut into bones, so it is extremely fresh.Mr. Matsumoto, the owner of the shop, says that when you dip it in boiling water, it curls up like a flower.In the Kansai region, it is often eaten with plum meat, and Matsumoto also offers it in two flavors: homemade plum sauce and vinegar miso.


775-4 Yokouchi, Higashikagawa City
Phone Number
Business hours
AM17:00 ~ PM22:00
* Complete reservation system up to the day before
Regular holidays
Sundays (open with reservations)
Number of seats
25 seat
Parking Lot
10 stand

Thoughts on ingredients

Owner/Mr. Matsumoto

We offer seasonal dishes with careful preparation and delicate seasoning. After training as a Japanese cuisine chef for 57 and 20 years in Osaka, he opened a restaurant in 60 in his hometown of Higashikagawa.Every morning, he uses fresh seafood auctioned off at the Sanbonmatsu fishing port, and serves dishes that make the most of the ingredients he has cultivated over the years.People come from far and wide to catch pufferfish from winter to spring, and conger pike in summer.Take this opportunity to taste the famous restaurant.