Setouchi spice curry Ebisu Setouchi SPICE CURRY EBISU

Seafood curry (1,300 yen)
*The picture is of the pike conger cutlet curry.

Setouchi spice curry Ebisu Setouchi SPICE CURRY EBISU

The shop owner, who has refined his Japanese cooking skills over many years, cuts the bones using techniques that are unique to the owner, and offers luxurious seasonal ingredients such as conger eel cutlet (scheduled to be available until autumn) that has an addictive fluffy texture, Spanish mackerel, common octopus, and blue crab. The curry used for this is very popular.Let's enjoy the deliciousness of the curry, which is based on local shrimp and has the umami of dashi stock.


6784-84 Takuma, Takuma-cho, Mitoyo-shi
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Tuesday (may be consecutive holidays)
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16 seat
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Spice curry made by a Japanese chef using local ingredients! We offer 4 types of curry with different tastes, such as European-style olive beef curry and seafood curry based on local shrimp and the umami of dashi stock.You can choose from 3 to 4 different toppings for the seafood curry, depending on the availability of ingredients.It is OK to match with your favorite combination.