Sushikoma Sushi piece

Local seafood sushi Seto flowers (1,650 yen)
* Reservation required before coming to the store

Sushikoma Sushi piece

A well-known restaurant loved by the locals that makes you want to visit when you want to eat fresh seafood.The sushi, which is made fresh on the day of the day, is exquisite.In addition, the menu is abundant and you can enjoy set meals and a la carte dishes.


2349-3 Shimokatsuma, Takase-cho, Mitoyo-shi
Phone Number
Business hours
Regular holidays
Monday (in the case of a holiday, the next day)
Number of seats
85 seat
Parking Lot
3 stand

Thoughts on ingredients

Owner/Mr. Yamashita

Please enjoy sushi made with fresh fish purchased by yourself. "Sushikoma" also has private rooms, so it's perfect for scenes where you want to enjoy your meal slowly.It's also easily accessible from JR Takase Station, and the friendly owner welcomes you, so feel free to drop by.