Olive hamachi yellowtail

Ajidokoro Ittei Ajidokoro Ittei

Olive yellowtail sashimi (1,100 yen)
*Price subject to change, limited time for olive hamachi

Ajidokoro Ittei Ajidokoro Ittei

"Olive yellowtail" was born by combining yellowtail, the prefectural fish of Kagawa Prefecture, with olives, the prefectural tree. At "Ittei", only olive yellowtail procured on the day is served as sashimi.Because it is fresh, you can enjoy its crunchy texture and rich fat all at once.Enjoying it with a homemade blend of soy sauce is another pleasure that can only be found here.

store information

3099-1 Kanonji-cho, Kanonji-shi, Kagawa Prefecture
Opening hours
11: 30-14: 00, 17: 00-22: 00
Closing days
Irregular holidays three times a month
Number of seats
150 seats
20 stand

Thoughts on ingredients

We will welcome you with dishes made with fresh seasonal ingredients.

The name "Ittei" comes from the word "one guest one" used in the tea ceremony.Just like a tea ceremony where the host serves tea to a single guest, it is important that each guest enjoys the food with a spirit of hospitality.Enjoy dishes that incorporate fresh seasonal ingredients.