Tourist "Kagawa food" promotion

Prefectural product sales facility information transmission business

EffectCreate PR brochures in multilingual (Japanese / English / Traditional / Simplified / Korean) for sales facilities where you can purchase products from the prefecture and experience harvesting, such as antenna shops and directly-produced markets, and distribute them at airports, stations, hotels, etc.

Takamatsu Airport / prefecture fruit sales promotion business

EffectA signboard for publicizing seasonal fruits is set up next to the Takamatsu Airport International Immigration Checkpoint. At the departure of Takamatsu Airport at the departure of international flights, we will sell tastings of strawberries, grapes, peaches, etc. to promote and promote fruit produced in the prefecture.
PlaceTakamatsu Airport (departure lobby)

Whole Setouchi Nigiri Sushi Provision Business

EffectIn collaboration with prefectural sushi groups and other organizations, a set of Nigiri sushi that uses only local ingredients for domestic and foreign tourists is aimed at increasing the awareness of local fish and other local ingredients By offering a fixed amount, we will create opportunities to enjoy the delicious dishes of Setouchi with peace of mind. (Let tourists become fans of Kagawa's food, spread information effectively through word-of-mouth and SNS, and connect to repeaters)
PlacePrefecture sushi restaurants, restaurants, etc.
ScheduleOctober 2, 10nd year to February 1, 3rd year (plan)
* Held according to the tourism campaign implementation period

Olive food recommended menu provision business

EffectIn cooperation with Sanuki Dining and Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine groups in the prefecture, each participating store develops and provides a special menu using olive ingredients such as olive oil, olive beef, and olive hamachi. Through the recommended dishes of each store, we aim to raise awareness of olive ingredients and promote their use.
PlaceJapanese, Western, and Chinese restaurants in the prefecture
ScheduleOctober 2, 10nd year to February 1, 3rd year (plan)
* Held according to the tourism campaign implementation period

Related business (tourism promotion business)

Sanuki Udon eating business

EffectA stamp rally will be held to visit udon shops that offer udon noodles made with prefecture products and udon noodles that are unique and photographable, and promote the attraction of customers and the consumption of udon noodles.
PlacePrefecture udon shop
ScheduleOctober 2, 10nd year to February 1, 3rd year (plan)
* During the tourism campaign implementation period

Accommodation plan creation business with gastronomy

EffectIn cooperation with travel agencies and accommodation groups, we have created an accommodation plan with dinner using prefecture-brand livestock products such as olive beef, olive dream pigs, olive pigs, and olive chicken, and for individual travelers who use the plan. By offering accommodation discount coupons, we will promote the attraction of customers and consumption of livestock products.
PlaceAccommodation in the prefecture
ScheduleOctober 2, 10nd year to February 1, 3rd year (plan)
* During the tourism campaign implementation period

Prefectural "Kagawa food" promotion

Sanuki Marche Business

EffectIn the Sunport Takamatsu area, a European-style market (Marche) is held, where the producers face the consumers, sell seasonal vegetables and fruits, processed products, and provide dishes using prefecture-produced food. While communicating the wonders, we aim to raise awareness and expand sales channels for foods produced in the prefecture. Continuing from last year, we will support the holding as an auxiliary project to maximize the use of private know-how and networks.
PlaceSunport Takamatsu (Takamatsu City)
West side passage of the symbol tower building, Dex Galleria, large tent open space, multipurpose open space, etc.
ScheduleJune 2nd year to March 6rd year (plan)
Held a total of 12 times (in principle, the first Sunday) 10: 00-15: 00
* November will be held for 11 days, 1st, 7th, 8th

Delicious food delivery lecture business

EffectFood experts such as producers, distributors, and cooks aim to raise awareness of prefecture-produced foods and foster fans, targeting elementary and junior high schools, high schools, and nursing schools Tell.
Implementation contentA food expert will visit the elementary and junior high schools and high schools in the prefecture as a "Umaimon Spread Team" and hold a delivery lecture to convey the charm of the prefecture's ingredients through lectures and tastings.

  • Composition of items
    • Olives (producer, manufacturer, etc.)
    • Olive beef (producer, etc.)
    • Olive dream pig, olive pig (producer, distributor, etc.)
    • Olive chicken (producers, distributors, etc.)
    • Sanuki Sankei Fruit (Producers, market participants, etc.)
    • Seto local fish (cooks, fishermen, etc.)
    • Sanuki seasoning (seasoning manufacturers, food and beverage companies, etc.)
    • Rare sugar (rare sugar manufacturers and distributors)
    • Oidemai (Producers, Distributors, etc.)
  • Activity content
    • In cooperation with the Board of Education, we will hold lectures on prefectural products "in-school learning" and "out-of-school learning" for students of elementary and junior high schools, high schools, etc., and work to raise awareness of prefectural ingredients. Held 24 times in total

Restaurant / restaurant collaboration business

Support for Sanuki Dining activities

EffectWe certify restaurants that offer excellent cuisine using ingredients from the prefecture that can be confidently recommended by tourists from outside the prefecture and overseas as "Sanuki Dining", and a wide range of activities such as menu development and workshops conducted by certified stores. We will disseminate information and work to raise awareness of ingredients produced in the prefecture.
Implementation contentWe will work to raise awareness of prefectural foods by disseminating information on Sanuki Dining certified stores (28 stores) and supporting fairs, events, and workshops using prefectural foods.
Looking for new certified stores this year (about 2 stores)

Promotion of Kagawa local production for local consumption stores

EffectIn order to increase consumption of prefecture-produced agricultural, forestry and marine products, restaurants and retail stores that actively use prefecture-produced agricultural, forestry and marine products and their processed products are registered as "Kagawa local production for local consumption cooperation stores" and promoted. Try hard.
Implementation content■ Registered store
Register stores that promote and provide Sanuki food almost throughout the year 
(XNUMX) Sanuki food restaurant
Restaurants, hotels/inns, side dishes, etc.
(XNUMX) Sanuki food store
Direct production facilities, mass retailers, retail stores, department stores, etc.
■ Recruitment December 23-
■ Support for registered stores
・ Delivery of registration certificate and registration plate ・ Free distribution of PR materials
・ Holding PR / workshops on the prefecture homepage and guidebooks 
・ Consultation activities such as provision of production information and placement of producers

Information dispatch business

Communicating local information

EffectFor the purpose of improving the recognition of prefectural products and expanding sales channels, we will disseminate information in cooperation with prefectural mass media. By implementing effective promotion throughout the year, we aim to promote awareness of the entire project and promote visits to each project.
Implementation contentEffectively publicize and publicize each project throughout the year by utilizing the Internet, SNS, PR tools, etc. centered on the mass media for the purpose of promoting awareness of the entire project and promoting visits to each project.

Food business cooperation business

New year Udon market expansion business

EffectIn cooperation with industry groups, we will carry out PR for the spread of "New Year Udon".
Implementation content
  • In cooperation with the home sanuki udon cooperative, we will work with mass retailers inside and outside the prefecture to promote the new year udon.
  • We will work to promote public relations with the New Year Udon Nationwide nationwide to further raise awareness of the New Year Udon.
  • In addition to operating a search site that introduces shops that can eat New Year's Udon noodles in the prefecture, distribute leaflets with the same content at national New Year noodles venues.
  • In cooperation with the Kagawa Prefectural Nutrition Teacher and School Nutrition Staff Study Group, we will work to further disseminate and establish the “New Year Udon” for school meals.

Stay-type tourism cooperation business

EffectIn collaboration with private organizations, we will utilize the product development, etc. carried out by private organizations, work on PR of "food" in Kagawa, and promote the prefectural products.
Implementation contentCollaboration with "Meeting to think about sake that suits udon"
We will promote "Udon-friendly Sake" and "Sake-friendly Udon" to enjoy Sanuki Udon and sake both inside and outside the prefecture to promote exchange and increase consumption.

Local residents collaboration project

EffectWe will work together with local residents to promote the use of prefecture-produced ingredients and revitalize the region through food.
Implementation contentA chef will be dispatched to cooperate with the Marunouchi Hotel and the western food cooking industry in the prefecture to promote the development of menus for the island kitchen and the development of the bearer for the purpose of activating the area through the use of local ingredients and the activities of the island kitchen.

Private business cooperation project

Sanuki whole business

EffectTo raise awareness of ingredients produced in the prefecture, we will utilize ingredients produced in the prefecture for food events and popular menus that are highly conscious of citizens of the prefecture, and promote Kagawa's food.

  • Sanuki whole Chinese Chimaki
  • Sanuki whole Ehomaki
  • Sanuki Ekata Roll, etc.
ScheduleSanuki whole Chinese Chimaki
<< Reservation reception >> April 2 (Wednesday) to May 4 (Monday)
<Product provision> May 2st, 5nd (Fri) -1th (Wed) (planned)
Held contentIn order to promote prefecture-produced ingredients through the creation of a new food culture, we will carry out PR sales of menus developed using prefecture-produced ingredients at prefecture restaurants and mass retailers, in collaboration with the prefecture's cooking industry.
Links Sanuki whole Chinese Chimaki
Sanuki whole Ehomaki
Sanuki Eho roll

National New Year Udon Contest

EffectUdon noodles will be held in collaboration with Gochichi udon nations and New Year udon nationwide to enhance the brand power of the prefecture.
ScheduleDecember 2th (Sat) and 12th (Sun) (Revision)
VenueTakamatsu City, Sun Messe Kagawa
Held content
  • Local udon and new year udon sales and product sales
  • Stage event
  • workshop
  • Panel display of the history of Sanuki Udon