Sanuki no Chimaki


I made a delicious chimaki using the wonderful ingredients from Kagawa prefecture!
I hope everyone can have a healthy and wonderful day without illness.

Enjoy the charm of Kagawa at the Sanuki no Wa Chimaki, an original Japanese confectionery store that uses more than 5 types of local ingredients.
For Tango no Sekku, eat the Tachimaki using ingredients from Kagawa and keep the whole family tasty and tasty!

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  • Confectionery Kogetsu-do
    300 yen (about 40g, 1 bottle)
    The scent of bamboo grass and the scent of tea have a refreshing flavor. See also the craftsmanship of manually winding one by one.
    There is also kashiwa mochi
    Prefectural ingredients / Oidemai rice flour, rare sugar, Wasanbon sugar, salt, Takase tea
    location_onHead office: 16 Yoneyacho, Marugame City
  • Soke Kutsuwado
    280 yen (about 60g, 1 bottle)
    Unlike traditional sweets, the contents of bamboo leaves are sweets like rice dumplings.
    I put black sesame paste, red bean paste, and shoyumame in sweetly seasoned red rice.
    There is also kashiwa mochiWe accept shipping
    Prefectural ingredients / glutinous rice, wasanbon sugar, rare sugar, salt, sake, soy sauce
    location_onMain store: 4-3 Hyogo-cho, Takamatsu-shi / West store: 574-1 Goto-cho, Takamatsu-shi
  • Shofuan Kanesue
    500 yen (about 105g, 1 bottle)
    Oidemai rice flour and rice cake flour are carefully pestled into a freshly made bale-shaped rice dumpling.
    I finished each one with all my heart.
    There is also kashiwa mochi
    Ingredients from prefecture / Oidemai rice flour, Wasanbon sugar, syrup containing rare sugar, mochi, Sanshu Daikoku
    location_on1-24-36 Ogimachi, Takamatsu City
  • Yumekabo takara
    1,490 yen (approx. 225g, 5 bundle of 1)
    We purchase ingredients and fruits directly and process them in-house from the raw state.
    You can enjoy the original color and scent of the material and the scent of blue bamboo with no coloring or fragrance.
    There is also kashiwa mochiWe accept shipping
    Prefectural ingredients / Oidemai rice flour, Sanshu Daikoku, rare sugar, Sanukihime, Takase tea, Shodoshima olives, Setoka, Wasanbon sugar
    location_on214 Kasuga Town, Takamatsu City
Reservation acceptance period
April 2021th (Tuesday) -May 4th (Tuesday), 13

* The product delivery date (takeout) will be one of the 4 days from April 30th (Friday) to May 5th (Wednesday).
As it is a limited quantity sale, please make an early reservation.
* The above period may differ depending on the store. For details, please contact each store.

* Sales may change depending on the situation, so please be sure to contact each store.