Sunday 2nd June Seller List of “Osakana (Fish) Marche”

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Sunday 2nd June  Seller List of “Osakana (Fish) Marche”

Agriculture Company Morichika

Vegetables in Season from Manno Town, Eggs

Kagawa Organic Network

Organic Vegetables in Season


Wild Yeast Bread, Baked Sweets, Granola

Patisserie Sumida

Kagawa Kiwi Dacquoise, Shredded Ice, Baked Meringue, Macaroon

Yoshida Bakery

Filled&Stuffed Bread, Tartine, Fried Shrimp Sandwich, Vegetable Gratin Bread

K’s bakery

Bread made from Oidemai (Kagawa Brand Rice) rice flower, Sweet buns, Rusks

Kaisei (Turban Shell Mixed Rice from Ogijima)

Locally Fished Turban Shell Mixed Rice


Boxed Lunch, Rice Balls, Herb Tea, Drinks

sanuki wasanbon Hiyori

Wasanbon Sugar, Pound Cake, Meringue, Herb Tea, Coffee Drip Pack

Grilled Chicken on the Bone Ta-chan

Grilled Chicken on the Bone (Young Chicken, Mature Chicken, Olive Chicken, Chicken Wings)

Azuki Café

Crepe with Soy Sauce and Rice Cracker from Shodoshima, Crepe with Olive Clace

Hananomiya Iitomo

Steamed Dumpling with Kagawa Chicken, Fried Dumpling with Kagawa Chicken

Sho’s Chinese Restaurant

Fried Rice, Daoxiaomian (Knife-shaved noodle), Dandan Noodles, Stir-Fried Vegetabled, Mapo Tofu Bowel, Lu Rou Fan (Traditional Taiwanese Dish-Braised Pork on Rice), Steamed Pork Dumpling, Simmered Pork in Fluffy Steamed Bun

Sanuki Tourism Association

Grape Ice Cream from Sanuki Winery, Grape Juice from Sanuki Winery, Café au let Drip Pack

Iida Peach Farm

Peach Ice Cream, Peach Soda, Plum Soda, Hot Peach/Plum Drink, Plum Syrup

Turquoise Kebab

Kagawa Chicken Kebab Sandwich, Turkish Ice Cream


Vegetable Curry&Rice, Amazake (Sweet Fermented Rice Drink), Dried Vegetables, Flower, Rice Cake

Manabe Noodles

Iriko Soba (Dried Young Sardine and Noodle)

Garlic Farm Takahashi

Garlic Fried Noodle

ZORA Factory

Dried Fruits from Local Farm, Frappe with Kagawa Fruits, Kagawa Fruits Drink

Kitchen Garden

Drinks, Shredded Ice, Bagle, Curry&Rice, Soup, Baked Sweets

Spice Family Karakura

Curry (Various Level of Spiciness)


Fried Blow Fish, Fried Octopus, Fried Conger Eel Fish Bowl, Sushi

Sanuki Seafood Sales Council

Local Fish, Tasting of Salmon and Octopus Tempura, Iriko (Dried Young Sardine), Seaweed, Mini Aquarium, Touching Pool, Drawing on the Sea Shells, Workshop

 Shikai Fisheries Cooperative

PR of Common Japanese Conger from Shodoshima

Good Foods from Takara (Takamatsu Junior College Secretary Course)

Goods from Takara Shokuhin, Soy Sauce Rice Cracker, Sauce for Udon (Chinse Taste, Gaprao Taste, Tomato Taste)

Fujikawa Smile Orange (Takamatsu Junior College Secretary Course)

Goods from Fujikawa Farm, Mikan (Mandarin) Juice, Haruka Citrus Juice)

hunny (Takamatsu Junior College Secretary Course)

Goods from Mineyama Honey Farm



Let’s grow vegetables from seeds | JPY100 | Kagawa Organic Network

Wasanbon Workshop | JPY500 | sanuki wasanbon HIYORI

Drawing on the Sea Shells | Free | Sanuki Seafood Sales Council

Finding Iriko Monster | Free | Sanuki Seafood Sales Council


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