7th July Workshop: Let’s make Kiri-Geta (Paulownia Wood Clogs)!

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7th July Workshop: Let’s make Kiri-Geta (Paulownia Wood Clogs)!

At SANUKI MARCHE Workshop, you can learn about native food and crafts unique to Kagawa.

In our July workshop, we will invite Yamanishi Shoten of Shido, Sanuki City, Kagawa to teach us Japanese traditional Kiri-Geta making. Shido is one of the rare localities of Kiri-Getas in Japan.

Let’s complete a Kiri-Geta by tying your favorite thong onto a clog made from domestic paulownia wood!

Kiri-Getas, finished with scorching processes and ibota-waxing (applying the natural wax of the insect Ericerus pela), are characterized by their warm and comfortable feel on your feet.

By replacing the thongs and maintaining well, you can wear them for a long time.


Time: 10am-/11am-/2pm- (Duration: 40 mins approx.)*

*Up to 5 people for each class

Participation Fee: 3000 yen for a pair of Kiri-Geta

Venue: Sunport Takamatsu West Passage


Women S (22.5-23cm)/M(23.5-24cm)/L(25cm-)

Men M(24.5-25cm)/L(25.5-26.5cm)/LL(27-28cm)

Application: Archipelago(NPO)

TEL: 087-813-1001(10:00-18:00)

EMAIL: info.marche@archipelago.or.jp

(Online application available through here)

The following is the list of information needed for application:

1.Name/s of all participants

2.Total Number of participants

3.Class time

4.Clog size/s of all participants

5.Contact number (reachable on the day)


About Yamanishi Shoten

Established in 1921, Yamashita Shoten is one of the 5 Geta shops in Japan that use domestic Kiri (Paulownia Wood).

Their clogs are made from fine quality Kiri wood of Aizu (Fukushima Prefecture) or Echigo (Niigata Prefecture), after more than 40 manufacturing processes.

All clogs are made with perfect angles and shapes for easy walking.

The machine in the photo is over 70 years old: made just after WWII, they have been using it to this day by carefully maintaining it themselves.

There are over 500 different shapes in their hand-made clogs. Various orders, such as pokkuri (lacquered wooden clogs with rounded soles) for maikos (apprentice geishas), collaborative products with a designer or a part of movie costumes, keep coming in from all over Japan for Shuji Yamanishi, the representative of Yamanishi Shoten, counting on his well-polished craftsmanship.


Come & try onKiri-Geta at SANUKI MARCHE, a traditional craft that Kagawa boasts to the world!


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