Sunday 4th August “Curry Marche”

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Sunday 4th August “Curry Marche”

Curry-pan (Deep-fried donut with curry sauce filling), curry rusk, spicy authentic curry… we have lined up various kinds of curry-flavored food that is perfect for a hot summer day.

Please note that it is held at Sunport Tent Plaza this time (as opposed to the usual venue Sunport Takamatsu West Passage).

Morning Marche will also be held.



Date & Time: Sunday 4th August, 2019 / 10am – 3pm

Venue: Sunport Tent Plaza

* In case of stormy weather, postponed to the following week (Sunday 11th August)

Morning Market by SANUKI MARCHE

Date: Saturday  Sunday 4thAugust

Time: 8am – 10am

* There will be a regular SANUKI MARCHE in Sunport from 10am-3pm

Venue: Sunport Tent Plaza



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