4th August Workshop: Let’s dye handkerchiefs!

Posted on 7月 14, 2019 in 全ての記事
4th August Workshop: Let’s dye handkerchiefs!

At SANUKI MARCHE Workshop, you can learn about native food and crafts unique to Kagawa.

In our August workshop, we will invite a local artisan Ms. Yoko Obikane of Tsudoi, to teach us Japanese traditional dyeing.

We are dyeing handkerchiefs with turmetic and indigo grown by Tsudoi.

Pictured is a sample of turmeric-dyeing.

Turmeric, also used for Tsudoi’s specialty Vegetable Curry, has been used as a dye in Japan for so long that there is a record in a book written in the 3rd century A.D.

Because of its high insect-repelling effects, turmeric was also used for Furoshiki (Cloth Wrapper) for wrapping kimonos.

Indigo, known as the worlds’ oldest dye, has a long history and has been used all over the world for many years. As Tokushima (prefecture next to Kagawa) being a big production area of indigo since the Edo era, it is a very familiar dye for people in Kagawa too.

You can choose between these two kinds of dyes.


Time: 11am- upon request

Participation Fee: 500 yen for a handkerchief

Venue: Tsudoi Booth at Sanuki Marche

* No reservation needed: please apply directly at Tsudoi Booth on the day.

* You don’t need to bring anything.


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